After what can only be described as possibly the most boring expansion ever, we are finally through LDoN and on into Gates of Discord. We were not without our casualties though, as a few members fell along the way, their minds collapsing into jelly from concentrated tedium.

We recently received a video from one of our recovering members, Bigleague, who looks to be coming along great with intense therapy and tiddlywinks.

Looking good, Bigleague! Remember the food goes in the hole under your nose not above your toes.

As for yours truly, it was only my potato collection from Rujark Hills that kept me sane.


Now as for our first forays into Gates of Discord, our members have been hard at work getting trials done so we can start our progression. Our new raidleaders, Potawatomi and Infidell, have been hitting the stacks and getting keys done for the raid instances. Just this past Sunday, we did our first GoD raid, hitting Ikky 1, 2 and 3 and clearing those out successfully. Kudos to everyone and great job to our raid leader, Potawatomi on herding the cats.

On a related note, Shreddy is now streaming some of our raids on our raid days (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday), so be sure to check out our latest raid if you're interested!:

Never gonna stop me...

Watching the GoD Countdown

Kandros a posted Jul 13, 17

Klassie Ditto!
Kitley Haha! Made me laugh :)

Our Glorious Raidleader

Kandros a posted Jun 5, 17

Rhein WOW THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I PICTURED KING LOOKING !!!! I think we all should chip in and buy him another recorder I kind ...
fizzleblade This is so majestic. . . . I need a moment. . . . right in mah feels
Liquid Swords!!!!
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