1) Follow the Chapter quests and focus on constructing your castle to level 11. This unlocks most of the games core features. Getting experience to increase your monarch level is very important.

2) Focus on upgrading 1 of each type of hero. It helps to start with Karolina (Archer), Kahn (Mage), Darina (Rider), Nolan or Edith (Catapult) and Doug (Infantry) from the event. If you don’t have Doug, use Irvin. These heroes are easy to upgrade as the materials are given as you progress. Choose your heroes to focus on, Kings Legion Heroes Tier List & Guide

3) Only train human troops until you have at least 80,000. Following the Chapter quests will give you a majority of these. Don’t train the other 2 troop types or upgrade the troops until you decide what style you want to play. More importantly, do not upgrade your troop tiers to level 2 until you are ready. Read WARNING on Troop Tier Research

4) Save and use your gems on increasing your VIP to level 6 as soon as possible to unlock the bank, 2nd builder permanently and overall boosts. Read How to Spend your Gems Effectively

Also, use Package Redeem code in settings “1017hr2y” to get some free gems and speed ups.

Part 2 coming soon….

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