Stormin' right into Kunark!

Dessek a posted Sat at 22:14

Quite a couple of weeks for KL! Kunark dropped a little over a week and a half ago, and our members are hard at work grinding out the levels, securing spells and most recently, popping both Venril Sathir & Severilous in their respective mouths.


Well done everyone!

Also, quite a few of our members have banged out those epics! Grats to Kanye, Erac, Uzinba, Rygg, Beerus, Sanasten, Shreddy, Xilas, Radionova, Khrono, and of course, yours truly ;). Great work everyone! A special thank you also to all of those guildies who helped securing pieces for vital epics such as click sticks. Your hard work and dedication is helping us make great strides!

Gonna take a lot to drag me away from yooooou~

Happy K-Day!

Dessek a posted Jun 6, 18

Kunark launches today, and we'll be grinding hard over the next few weeks. We're in South Ro negotiating rates with the Ferrymaster on pre-owned but well kept tranportation!

Members who get 60 in a timely manner (and perhaps get started on those VP keys too, hmm?) will receive a DKP bonus! So get going guys and gals and pound out those levels.

Onwards and upwards!

Dessek a posted May 22, 18

Last Week K.L. hit some checkboxes on our progression map by killing both Lady Vox & Maestro. We're definitely getting into the groove of things, going for bigger and badder targets as we get geared up and swole. So if you're looking to join a great group of people and you're one of the classes we're currently looking for, put in an app!


Great job, KL!

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