With Kunark less than a month away now, <Kings Legion> is ticking off achievements so that we can hit the ground running June 6th.

This week we focused on gearing up some of our under-geared new members by farming some Hate & Fear trash and minis. However, we did have our sights on a few targets this week...

...Namely this asshole from Isle 4 in Sky...

...and his buddy Crackers on Isle 5...

And I'm happy to report that we accomplished what we set out to by slaying them both! A special shoutout to Vortax for throwing themself in front of the Death Touch to save Borama. :)

Well done <Kings Legion>! Let's go further this week!

We're Back!

Dessek a posted Apr 30, 18

That's right boys and girls, we're back! <Kings Legion> is up-and-running on the new Coirnav server.

We're seeking friends, both old and new to join us on our adventures as we tear ass across Norrath.

So if you want to slay dragons and have a few laughs along the way, apply today!

Or, if you have questions, send a tell to Kanye, Shreddy, Erac, Uzinba or Dessek, and we'll pop a chub to answer any of your questions.

Koryu ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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