How to Spend your Gems Effectively

Gems are the premium resources in Kings Legion. Here are some recommendations for how to make the most out of your gems to grow fast.

You will get a majority of your gems from completing quests in events. There are also gems given in event rankings, system updates, buying packages, and achievements from the Kingdom History building. The best for last is the 10k gems from the Art Gallery just hunting monsters and unlocking extra boosts.

1) Use it to buy VIP points to get to at least VIP 6 to start. As you can see the difference between VIP 3 and VIP 6 the benefits add up, especially the second builder.

2) The Discount Store that comes around every other week. Buy the Hero Development Package every chance you get. Speeds up are optional if you have the gems to spare.

UPDATE: The Discount Store has been replaced with Saga’s Mystery Shop, offering the same trades but also including a purple grade level 20 weapon box.

3) Invest it in the bank (requires VIP 5), banking 2k gems per day will give you a return of 7% so 140 extra gems a day.

4) Save it, for emergency use, like shields, stamina & mobility potions, teleports and events that require gems. You will also need some to optimize your equipment as you get to level 35+ equipment. That’s is the Train feature, allowing you to switch out the equipment boosts with better ones for gems. See Kings Legion Equipment Crafting & Training Guide

If you want to focus on heroes development I recommend spending buying stamina, hero EXP items (Wisdom Tomes) and refresh the falcon. Read more about that here Level Up your Heroes Faster

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