Kings Legion Equipment Crafting & Training Guide

After crafting over 1,000 pieces of equipment, here are some tips on making the most out of the equipment.

  • Aim for lvl50 equipment, easiest way to get them is from rallying lvl6 Abyssal Tribe. Other ways include lvl3 Dragons and the Auction.
  • Save most of your enhancing stones for lvl50 purple and gold grades. For other pieces, such as lvl50 green or blue and even lvl35 gear. Try not to enhance them past +7 and just wait until you craft something better.
  • The enhancing of gear to +15 the highest level, will cost 1520 stones. Getting them to +7 only cost 100 stones. In my opinion, it’s more than enough since the increase in each level is about the same boost per + level.
  • It’s more important to focus on the training of gear. This means swapping the various % stat boosts into the purple and gold pieces and it will cost gems to swap (500 gems for lvl35, 1500 for lvl50).
  • We are looking for stats that are useful in all situations of the game. This includes pvp, monster hunting (inc. tribes, dragons), and expedition stages. Equipment is not accounted for in the Arena.

Here are the most useful % stats in order of importance:

1) General ATK (max 10%)
2) Infantry/Archer/Rider/Mage ATK (max 10%)
3) General HP (max 10%)
4) General DEF (max 10%)
5) Hero’s Leadership (max 6%)
6) Infantry/Archer/Rider/Mage HP (max 10%)
7) Infantry/Archer/Rider/Mage DEF (max 10%)
8) Skill DMG (max 10%)
9) Gathering Speed (max 12%)
10) Food/Wood/Gold Gathering Speed (max 12%)

As you may know, resources in the main bottleneck in the game. You can apply a bunch of your gathering boost gears to your gathering heroes. I use them mostly in the alliance mine, gathering 1 million per 2 hours.

Good luck with you crafting!

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