Kings Legion Heroes Tier List & Guide

Here is a list of the heroes available in Kings Legion. I have separated them into Premium Mythic, Regular Mythic, Legendary, Epic and Rare grade heroes. The corresponding colours are Gold (Mythic), Purple (Legendary), Blue (Epic) and Green (Rare).

Keep in mind that Gold heroes are in general 20% stronger than Purple heroes, Blue heroes are 20% weaker than Purple heroes and Green heroes are 30% weaker than Purple heroes.

There are 5 types of heroes in Kings Legion:

  • Infantry – mainly used for tanking attacks, dealing decent damage itself but slow movement speed. Strong against archers and weak vs mages.
  • Archer – mainly used for dealing damage with great range. Strong against riders and weak vs infantry
  • Rider – mainly used as an assault unit with the fastest speed. Strong against mages and weak vs archers
  • Mage – mainly used as a support unit. Strong against infantry and weak vs riders.
  • Catapult – mainly used as support and the highest range. Strong against walls and weak vs units. Best for gathering load capacity.

The tier list of heroes is based on the overall gameplay, which includes its usefulness against other players, hunting (dragons, tribes, monsters), arena battles, expedition, gathering and attribute bonus. We will also account for other heroes in the same category and type, plus the difficulty of obtaining fragments to upgrade them.

Premium Mythic Heroes – Gold

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Regular Mythic Heroes – Gold

Regular Mythic heroes are easier to upgrade compare to premium Mythic heroes. The fragments can be obtained from the Advanced Summon Ticket, Mythic Hero Chest and are also common in the Auction House.

Infantry hero with the ability to regenerate 60% of their health back upon death. Also has the unique skill of reducing your troop’s death rate by 30%, making Sikam essential when attacking stronger players.
Archer hero with a 30% chance to heal herself based on the damage she does. Currently, 20 fragments are available in each Doug’s Event.
Calvary hero with defensive abilities and an extra 15% boost in hero’s leadership (troop size).
Mage hero that boosts research speed by 40% and the ability to heal the ally with the lowest HP. Individual combat stats are quite weak, roughly 20% lower than other typical Legendary heroes.
Catapult hero that boosts construction speed by 40% and have some decent support abilities. Individual combat stats are quite weak, roughly 20% lower than other typical gold heroes.
Infantry hero that has great defensive abilities and increases gathering speed by 30%.
Catapult hero that doesn’t stand out in any way, except that a monkey in a robot looks pretty cool.

Legendary Heroes – Purple

Legendary heroes are the most commonly used heroes, they are a tad weaker than gold heroes but are much easier to upgrade and level up. Many of these heroes are ranked based on their overall usefulness and not their actual combat stats.

ADoug – InfantryThe best hero for growth, with the ability to increase hunting rewards by 30%. Fragments can be obtained from Dong’s Event.
BKarolina – ArcherFree starter hero with the underrated skill of increasing the teams attack speed by 20%. Extra damage vs monsters. Fragments can be obtained from completing chapter quests.
BDorsey – ArcherAlthough combat stats are weak, the skills make up some of them. It’s an important hero to upgrade as it greatly reduces the Falcon timers, giving you extra mobility and stamina potions, resources and enhancing stones.
BDarina – RiderFree starter hero and likely the first hero that you get to 5-stars. Extra damage vs monsters. Login for 7 days to get all the fragments you need to achieve max stars.
BJerebko – CatapultBest offensive catapult in the purple grade. Grants team’s attack boost of 20%.
BBruno – InfantryTanking hero with a 25% boost to gathering speed.
BKahn – MageFree starter hero with heal and increases hospital capacity. Weak combat stats, but has the unique skill to reduce the death rate by 20%. Fragments can be obtained from puzzle rewards.
BIan – RiderA defensive hero, that can be useful in reducing wounded troops while hunting. Pairs up great with the elves troop type, due to the extra 40% healing boost.
CAntonio – MageAn offensive mage, that is does 30% extra damage vs monsters.
CHans – CatapultLow combat stats but great for the catapult training and capacity boost.
DRoberta – CatapultA balanced hero with a supportive heal skill.
DSaga – ArcherA support archer with limited offence skills.
DAlsace – InfantryAn offensive infantry that deals good damage, but have low durability due to its skill that causes him to lose 10% of health with every use. This leads to extra wounded and dead troops.

Epic Heroes – Blue

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Rare Heroes – Green

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