Early Game – Monster Hunting Formations

Army formations matter a great deal while attacking in this game. Here are the optimal monster hunting formations that I used with 1 of each troop type with tier 1 human troops. Yes, even a level 25.

With this, you should be able to kill a level 24 monster within a week of playing on a free to play account, with no research or equipment.

Just make sure to level up your Darina (Rider) and Karolina (Archer) as high as you can as they have up to 30% extra damage against monsters. You don’t have to have the same Infantry and Catapult units as I have there. Just use Irving as your starter infantry hero instead of Doug as I have here.

Monsters Level 11 to 15

You should be able to defeat a level 15 with 80k -100k power

Monsters Level 16 to 20

You should be able to defeat a level 20 with 100k -120k power

Monsters Level 21 to 24

You should be able to defeat a level 24 with 160k – 180k power. With the 138k power shown here, it’s able to kill a level 23.

Monsters Level 25

You should be able to defeat a level 25 with about 200k power with all heroes levelled 40+ and some beginner gears.

Zero Wounded Monster Formation

At this point you most likely have other heroes upgraded and may have higher tier troops. Then the goal would be to reduce the wounded troops to zero.

Try coming up with your own formation. Below is the level 25 monsters formation and the formation I use for 0 healing 3 weeks into the game. If you can achieve 0 healing for level 25, then it will work for monsters of lower levels using the same formation.

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