The Undead Invasion event is a weekly alliance event where all members of the alliance get attacked by up to 25 waves of preset troops. The attacking heroes and formation (see below) of each wave is the same, just stronger after each wave.

This event is great for testing your castle’s defence and the most important thing about defence is troop count, troop tier, heroes and research. You will need about 5 million T5 troops to beat the last wave at 25.

The individual rewards are nothing special, but there are also individual and alliance ranking rewards for your server.

Individual Ranking Rewards

Alliance Ranking Rewards

How Undead Invasion Scoring Works

A wave win will give you points based on your castle level. For example,

Castle 14 = 55k points
Castle 21 = 90k points
Castle 25 = 120k points

Reinforcing an alliance member that wins a wave gets you 5% of whatever the defender gets.

How to Score More Points

Remember, these are the same points that can be used to buy stuff in the alliance store so try to get as much as you can.

  • use all your marches to reinforce
  • reinforce the alliance members with the highest castle level, with anything like 1000 troops
  • you can use one of your strong marches to move between the alliance member’s castles, especially after you are defeated
  • most importantly, you need to defend well by using the right formation

Recommended Wall Defending Formation

I recommend using 2 archers and 3 infantries to defend the undead event. See the attackers formation below and try to come up with the best formation with the heroes you have. If you don’t have 3 upgraded infantry heroes, replace one of the bottom infantries with a rider. Be sure to not use any mages, as those are elf riders meaning they will charge directly toward your mages.

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